Chicken School!

by admin.

ChickencoopOn any given morning at MVNS you will hear a child call out “let’s check for eggs!” Then, almost as soon as the words have left her mouth, a group of children is huddled around our coop – or rather our feathered friends, Macaroni and Redwood’s coop. Some mornings there aren’t any eggs. Many mornings there are. The children marvel at this each and every single time.

In the summer of 2012, our chickens received a much-needed teardown-remodel of their home. Now they thrive in a rodent-free, spacious coop, complete with self-regulating water bowl, nesting box and roost.  The coop even has an attached tool shed (though the chickens never seem to use the rakes or gardening supplies to any useful purpose).

Thank you from our chickens and children to the parents and family members who helped plan, design, and raze the old coop and to the building skill of Hertzel Peretz. An extra tremendously big thank you to the generous grant support of the Mill Valley Outdoor Art Club, Rotary Club, and Rich Robbins.

Stop by and visit our chickens’ new home. You may just receive a “school-fresh” egg in return!